Based on KEBEN’s new ideas and new values, KEBEN invest 5% profit of annual sales in product development that make our employees get a lot of unique innovative technological achievements, and by continues to improve core technology, had been applied and incorporated into every new customer and new areas which continuously creating new value.

KEBEN’s success is the process that is an ever meet, continue to exceed customer expectations. In order to ensure the achievement of high quality and low cost, R & D engineers and technical staff were starting from a variety of details at the start, to explore and meet the diverse needs of customers, through the processing way of revolutionary practice made pioneering achievement, that allows customers to accumulate the beyond expectation value.

Overview of Products (Precision Moulds)
Precision Metal Products
Current range of single-stage stamping products:
。Composite moulding of multiple engineering products at 400T or below
。Processing of hi-flatness products
Max. product size: 2000×1000(mm)
Material thickness: 0.2~8.0(mm)
。600T progressive moulds, with the max. length at 4.5m
。Continuous stretching
。Inner-mould tapping
Current range of progressive stamping products:
。Multi-layer metal moulding
。Hi-smooth surface moulding
Max. product size: 800×600(mm)
Material thickness: 0.08~6.0(mm)


Precision of Moulds of the Group

Precision of Other Moulds in General

Precision of Moulds



Stamping Shape and Size of Products



Position and size of Stamping



Bending Angle of Products



Precision of Products



Surface Straightness



Bending Straightness