Kind to the environment will be benefit to earth’s next, this is also the society gives KEBEN (Kind Environment Benefit Earth Next) one of life-long mission, KEBEN committed to creating a more safe and civilized working and living environment, to achieve the innovation and harmonious development of people, concept, management, technology.
KEBEN in all production and business activities, for continuous innovation and to save energy, adhere to the guidelines ” Details Achieve Value “, always do the production that promote the environmental improvement, so enhance the interests of society.

Environmental Objectives:
1. Wastewater discharge standard is better than DB44/26-2001;
2. Canteen emissions than standard GB18483-2001;
3. Factory area noise emissions than the standard GB12348-90 Ⅲ class;
4. Treatment of solid waste 100% legal;
5. Improve the environmental awareness of all employees;
6. Zero significant environmental incidents and disasters.